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About Blood Moon

Step into a world of rejected mates, wolf shifters, and dangerous secrets in Blood Moon, the captivating first book in USA Today bestselling author Michelle Madow’s Wolf Born series.

Ruby Grace is just an ordinary girl. Or so she thought.

During a ski trip in the Adirondack Mountains, she discovers just how different she is. One night, she’s chatting with friends when she glances up and sees the moon turn blood red. Suddenly, Ruby shifts into a wolf and takes off, running through the woods like a creature possessed.

When she’s herself again, she seeks refuge in the house of Connor Ward, the mysterious and devastatingly gorgeous guy whose party she attended the night before.

But Connor offers her more than a place to hide out. He has answers. About her, her powers, and the undeniable attraction between them.

But discovering she’s a shifter is only the beginning. Despite her ability to shift, she’s unable to use shifter magic, which relegates her to the lowest tier of shifter society. As she tries to adapt to this new world, strange things start happening in Pine Valley. Humans begin disappearing. Ruby’s eyes change color overnight. And a new kind of magic emerges.

With Connor by her side, Ruby digs into the dangerous secrets of Pine Valley. As she delves deeper into this mysterious place—and its even more mysterious residents—Ruby discovers that the biggest mystery of all is her, and her newfound abilities.

The biggest challenge, however, comes when the mate bond ignites between Ruby and Connor. He’s torn between his loyalty to his girlfriend and his undeniable connection to the new girl in town.

Will he reject his fated mate and keep his promise to his girlfriend?

Or will he risk everything to be with Ruby?

Full of romance, mystery, and twists that will keep you guessing until the very last page, Blood Moon is a must-read for fans of shifters and paranormal romance. Don't miss this thrilling new series that will keep you up all night!

Michelle is brilliant with twists and turns and keeping the suspense!"


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