Thanksgiving Week Box Set Sale 2023

I’m doing something crazy that I’ve NEVER done before.

For the week of Thanksgiving 2023 (November 23 – 30), I’m lowering the Kindle price of EACH Dark World box set to 99c in the US and UK Amazon stores.

For those of you who, like me, aren’t math whizzes — that’s a little less than NINETEEN CENTS per book.

A little refresher for those who are new here: Dark World is a fantasy universe I created a few years back. There are four series’ within the universe — Vampire Wish, Angel Trials, Faerie Games, and Dragon Twins. Each series can be read and enjoyed individually, but there’s also a larger storyline that brings them together.

Not only is each series in Dark World complete, but the ENTIRE Dark World universe is complete.

That’s twenty-one books total. Four series’ in the universe. One epic binge read.

Scroll down to learn more about the addicting series’ within the Dark World universe.



Annika’s life is flipped upside down when she’s abducted by vampires to their secret kingdom of the Vale. Her plan? Seduce the mysterious vampire prince, Jacen, to escape. It’s risky and dangerous, but so is Jacen. Will she get out, or will she lose her heart to him in the process?

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After a demon abducts Raven’s mom, she teams up with Noah, a brooding wolf shifter. It’s a wild, dark hunt full of secrets. Can she trust Noah with her life… and her heart?

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Selena’s the only non-magical person on the island of Avalon… until she meets Julian, a fae who drags her into the Otherworld. There, she discovers her true heritage and is thrust into the Faerie Games: a magical battle to the death broadcasted across the realm. Can she get through the trials and win the games, or will she lose her heart — and her life — to Julian in the process?

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Twins Gemma and Mira’s world is turned upside down when they’re gifted with elemental magic and thrust into a supernatural war. The good news? Mira’s boyfriend Ethan is a dragon shifter sent to protect them. The bad? Gemma’s been in love with him for months. Can Gemma suppress her feelings for her twin’s boyfriend, or will her and Ethan’s fiery connection doom them all?

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If you choose to pick up the books, I hope you enjoy them! And if you’ve already read them, thank you so much for your support.