2012 Apocalypse Challenge!

Welcome to the 2012 Apocalypse Challenge!

I know it’s May, but I had the idea for this challenge today and wanted to get it started. I didn’t feel like waiting until 2013, and if the Mayans are right, the world might not even be there then 😉
I’m excited to do this challenge because I love apocalyptic stories! My favorite part of them is not only reading about the disaster itself, but how people survive. When thrust into a major disaster, characters have to interact and learn how to get along with people they might have never had a conversation with otherwise. I love seeing how characters grow and mature when put in intense situations like the ones in the books you will read in this challenge.
Books count for the apocalypse challenge if they are about any natural disaster or the apocalypse. There must be a major disaster of some sort in the book. The major rule is this:
**For a book to qualify for the 2012 Apocalypse Challenge, the main character must have a clear memory of what the world was like before the disaster event.**

Here are some example of books that would count:
The Loners by Lex Thomas

Check out the Apocalypse Challenge Goodreads List for suggestions of what to read. Feel free to add your own suggestions to the list!

Books like Hunger Games, Uglies, Matched, etc. do not count, because the main characters do not remember what “normal” life was like. Those books are dystopian, not apocalyptic. There is a difference.
The books do not have to have been published on 2012. You just had to have read them in 2012.
Here are the levels:
3 books: Quarantine
6 books: Localized Disaster
9 books: Apocalypse
12 books: Doomsday

To participate in the challenge you must:

(1) Sign up on the Linky below!
(2) Follow my blog
(3) Put the challenge banner in your sidebar and have it link back to this page
(4) Whenever you review a book that fits challenge guidelines, link back to this page
(5) Want to read three or more apocalyptic books this year!
Have fun 🙂

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