“Any word on your novel yet?”

This is a total venting post. Be pre-warned.

Who else gets extraordinarily annoyed whenever a family member or close friend asks, “So, have you heard any word on your novel yet?” It drives me positively up the wall! I just want to look at them, give them a nasty look, and say, “If I heard anything about my novel, don’t you think I would f@#$ing tell you?! Don’t you think I would be bouncing off the walls in excitement, calling everyone in my address book, and posting it repetitively on Facebook?!” (Okay, I don’t curse in real life, but that’s what I’m thinking in my head!)

I know they’re trying to be nice and make conversation, show that they care about what I’m doing, etc. But to me it just feels like every person who asks that is simply rubbing it in that I haven’t heard anything back yet! It’s like every time they ask and I say no, I can practically hear them thinking in their heads “She just needs to accept that if she hasn’t heard by now then the book isn’t going to sell.” Or, “obviously the book isn’t good enough if it’s taking over two weeks to hear back.”

Alright, obviously I can’t know if they’re thinking that or not, but it frustrates me because no one understands how slowly the industry works. Even if I try to explain it, it just doesn’t get through to their non-book industry minds!

And no matter how many times I say, “Thanks for asking, but I promise if there’s word on my books I’ll let you know,” in the most un-annoyed/pleasant voice possible, they still continue to ask. Can’t they get a hint?!?!?

Okay, end of venting post. Do any of you feel the same way?



4 Comments on ““Any word on your novel yet?”

  1. So… Any news about your novel?

    Seriously, though, I know what you mean. My dad asks “So, do you have an agent yet?” all the time. I haven't even started querying yet! When I tell them that, he always asks. “Why not? Didn't you finish it a few months ago?” Then I just feel like screaming, “THE FIRST DRAFT!” Then, of course, “Well, how many drafts is it gonna take?” *face palm*

  2. I know what you mean. Once our books sell we'll be shouting it from the rooftops, airplanes, plastering it all over the internet…you get my drift. (People don't have to ask, we'll let the world know when it happens – and it WILL happen!)

    I have no doubt we'll be hanging out by the pool enjoying cocktails at the Wynn celebrating your latest book in no time. Go Vegas! (Hopefully we'll be celebrating mine, too! -hehe) We can cheers to our new life of book signings instead of waiting by the phone for THE CALL, lol! 🙂

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