Birchbox Unboxing May 2012 (Gossip Girl Edition!)

Yesterday I got my very first BIRCHBOX in the mail! I was so excited. Birchbox is a monthly subscription service where you pay $10 a month and get 4-5 deluxe sample size beauty products sent straight to your home! To learn more and join, click HERE.
I first heard of monthly subscriptions when I saw a video of a UK blogger opening her Glossybox. So I checked out programs in the USA. The three programs I’m currently signed up for are Birchbox, Glambag, and Glossybox USA. Over the next three months I’ll be evaluating these three programs and deciding which ones to stick with!
My Unboxing Video 

My opinion on my May 2012 Birchbox:

I’m really happy with the items I received, and am so excited to try them out! As I mentioned in the video, I have dark circles under my eyes, so I’m always on the lookout for the perfect eye balm that can fix that. I’m interested to see how the volumizing shampoo works with my hair, as my hair is very fine. I’m not sure if the gold foil nailpolish will look great with my skintone, but I’m willing to try it out, since I change my polish color every week. The Dr. Jarts Beauty Balm feels lightweight, so I’m looking forward to trying it as a base and seeing how it feels on my skin.
I’m happy with what I received, but I also wish I got the Dior mascara, Stila eyepencil, or tinted lip balm in my box, since lots of Birchbox subscribers got those. However, I looked at my beauty profile and saw that I accidentally said that my “splurge item” was eye balm instead of the most latest makeup color. (I think I went through it fast and thought it said eye color instead of balm). So I think Birchbox did a great job catering for that profile, since the eye balm sample I received is a really nice size. I fixed my beauty profile once I realized the mistake, so I’m really looking forward to my boxes in the future!
The Items in my Birchbox

7 Comments on “Birchbox Unboxing May 2012 (Gossip Girl Edition!)

  1. I got my birchbox Yesterday and I was So excited to see that it was a Gossip Girl Addition!.. I received.
    – Dr. Jarts Beauty Balm
    – BVGLARI Perfume
    – Stila Waterproof Sparkle Liner
    – Ojon Volumizing Conditioner
    – Twistband Hair Band
    – XoXo Note Card

  2. I got the same box as you. I was also hoping for a mascara and hair band, but am pleased with what I did get. I LOVE the eye cream. The BB didn't even cover my whole face, and I wasn't impressed with the formula. The nail polished chipped quickly, but was very pretty. Haven't tried the shampoo yet, as it has sulfates, and I just had my hair colored.

  3. Yes I'm using the eye cream and am LOVING it!! I just got new eye cream about two weeks ago, but I'll definitely consider purchasing a full size of the Algenist when I run out of what I have. It seems like the tube of the BB cream barely has anything in it. Which is such a bummer because the whole point of sampling is to be able to test it out for a few days to decide if it's something you would use. And bummer about the sulfates in the shampoo! I also stick to sulfate-free. <3

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