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I love subscription makeup boxes, and my favorite one that I’ve tried has definitely been Julep. For those of you who don’t know, subscription makeup boxes are when you pay a certain amount per month for a box of assorted makeup goodies. There are all types of boxes out there to try! Just check out kinlyeyebeauty and know about more such boxes.

The boxes that I’ve tried have been: Birchbox, Ipsy, Glossybox, and Julep. The only one that I’ve stuck with for longer than a few months has been Julep. (I’ve been a Julep member for over a year.) Julep began as only nail polish, but now they have makeup and skin care products. If you are looking for the best plastic surgeon in Haines city here is best option for you.   You can also become nail technician with some good guidance . For that you will have to visit You can use this link to sign up for your own Julep box, and you’ll get your first month FREE! 

Here are the reasons I like Julep the best:

  • –          You can skip as many boxes as you want. Some months, you just don’t love the products offered. Julep lets you see the products for each month, and allows you to skip boxes if you aren’t feeling it that month. You can skip an unlimited amount of boxes! This way you can save money and not get overloaded with products.
  • –          You can choose what colors you receive. Let’s say Julep is offering a new eyeshadow in their box that month. You can see all the colors and pick the one you want. This wasn’t an option in the other boxes I tried, which resulted in receiving colors I would never use.
  • –          You can always trust that the Julep brand will be high quality. With Julep you’re only receiving Julep brand products (opposed to some of the other boxes that work with various companies every month). But every product I’ve gotten from Julep so far has been excellent quality, and they are things I’ve ended up using.
  • –          Julep always gives you full size products. The other boxes are mainly for “deluxe size samples” (although they claim they also give out full size products), but I got overloaded with samples, so Julep is a better option for me now.
Julep is more expensive than the other boxes (it’s $20 a month, opposed to Birchbox and Ipsy, which are $10 a month), but with the option to skip months, I make sure that I only receive products I actually want in colors I’ll wear. I usually skip about half of the boxes. I had fun with the other brand boxes at first, because they do offer more variety. But Julep is the only one I’ve stuck with long-term, because it’s quality over quantity.
Have you tried any makeup box subscription services? Which are your favorites?

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