Fashion Friday

Today’s Fashion Friday is the strappy black dress that Elena wore in a recent episode of Vampire Diaries.
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I love the straps on the chest that make it the perfect mixture of sexy and sophisticated. It actually reminds me of a dress that Madison from The Secret Diamond Sisters would wear!
Of course, right after seeing this dress on Vampire Diaries, I wanted it. Really badly. You know when you see an article of clothing, and envision yourself wearing it and being so happy walking around in it? That’s how I felt about this dress. Naturally, I tweeted asking if anyone knew where I could purchase the dress. I didn’t know if I would get a response, but it was worth taking the chance!
Less than an hour later, an account called Worn on TV tweeted back at me that they’d found the dress and posted it on their website. I clicked the link, and discovered that not only had they found the exact dress, but that it was on sale! I purchased it immediately, and am still waiting for it to arrive so I can try it on. I’m crossing my fingers that the size I ordered fits.

Edit: It did fit, and I love it!

Have you ever been inspired to wear something by one of your favorite characters on a TV show? 

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