Monday Musing: Kindle vs. Physical Book

Kindle vs. Physical Book
When the Kindle first released, I thought there was no way I would ever prefer reading an eBook to reading a physical book. Why would I want to read on a screen when I could own a book, flip through the pages, and see it on my shelf? Books are so pretty. How could an eBook compare? I resisted getting an eReader, and even talked about how much I preferred physical books to eBooks.
But I’ve always felt it was important to give something a chance before coming to a decision. After all, how could I have an opinion about which medium I preferred if I’d never actually tried reading on an eReader? 
So in December 2010, I bought my first Kindle. And I discovered that I LOVE it.
Because I also love lists, here are the reasons I prefer my Kindle to reading physical books:
  1. I read faster on my Kindle. I’m not sure why, but I read a Kindle book a lot faster than a physical book. Which means I’ll be able to read more books in my lifetime, and I see that as only a good thing. 
  2. The Kindle is easier to hold. I do love seeing books on my shelves, but when it comes to the physical experience of reading, the Kindle is so light, and I love the reading experience on it.
  3. The eInk technology makes it feel like I’m not reading on a screen. I have the most simple Kindle—the one with no backlight. I love it. I don’t feel at all like I’m reading on a screen. If this Kindle ever breaks, I’ll probably get the Paperwhite. 
  4. It’s easier to travel. I used to take SO MANY BOOKS with me when I would travel, because I didn’t know what books I would be in the mood to read and I wanted to have options. And I didn’t want to run out of books. Half or more of my carry-on would usually just be books. Now I can have endless options of what to read on my Kindle, and have it barely take up any space. And now airplanes allow people to use Kindles while taking off and landing, so I don’t have to be all sneaky about trying to read during those times anymore. 
  5. There are so many great eBook deals. I subscribe to websites that send me daily emails about what Kindle books are for sale or available for free download. I’ve gotten so many great books this way. (Some sites I love are Bargain Booksy, Book Gorilla, and BookBub.) And I love the ease of clicking a button and having a book immediately delivered.

So, while I do love looking at physical books, I prefer the overall experience of my Kindle better, so I’ve transitioned to only purchasing books for my Kindle.

Which do you prefer—an eReader or a physical book? Why?

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