Monday Musings

I was looking at my bookshelf of books I want to read (there are a *lot* of books I want to read) and started thinking about my process of how I choose what book to read next.
The first thing that struck me is that I always read based off my mood. I read mainly in the YA genre, and one thing I love about YA is how much variety there is within it. I read everything from contemporary to sci-fi to paranormal to fantasy to time travel to mysteries. And I basically never know what book I’m reading next until I finish up my current read — because I never want to feel like reading is an assignment. Reading is a fun, relaxing activity, and to keep it that way, I leave it on a whim to decide what book I’m reading next.
Also, if I read an amazing book within a certain genre of YA (for instance, and incredible dystopian) I’ll read something else next, like a contemporary or a paranormal. Because if I were to follow it up with another dystopian, I’ll most likely be comparing the two books too much to enjoy the next book on its own. However, if I were to read a book I was only so-so about, then I might follow it up with a book in the same genre. But again, it would all depend on my mood!
How do you choose what book you’re reading next? Do you have a set list, do you also read based on mood, or something else entirely?

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