Pictures of “The Beech Tree School!”

Okay, so the Beech Tree School doesn’t actually exist. However, I did heavily base it upon the school I attended for high school, the Park School of Baltimore.
For fun, I went to Park School and took pictures of the spots mentioned in Remembrance. I hope you enjoy seeing the “actual” places mentioned in the book! 🙂
The benches where Lizzie waited in the rain after the soccer game. This is where Drew pulled up to eventually pick her up 🙂
The front steps to the school. Lizzie mentions running up these when she was late in chapter 1.
The library, with the big glass windows overlooking the lake. This is where Lizzie draws the first picture of herself in her past life.
The commons, where Lizzie has lunch with her old friends.
The back of the commons, where Lizzie and Chelsea talk after Chelsea is mad at Lizzie.
History classroom! Mentioned in chapter one. Lizzie is sitting at the opposite side of the room (near the window) when she sees Drew for the first time.
The cafeteria.
The lake … if you go outside. The library overlooks this.
The hill Lizzie runs down when she heads to the swings.
The swings!! <3
The junior parking lot.
What it looks like driving into school.

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