Special Announcement

Hi, everyone! Some of you may have heard recently that I have something exciting to announce in the beginning of October. Without further waiting, here it is!

For the holiday season, I will be releasing a short story detailing some important events that happen right after the end of Remembrance. The title of this short story will be Vengeance

I have lots more to tell you about Vengeance — like the cover I designed! — but you will have to wait until the cover reveal blog hop to find out more. In the hop, each of the four bloggers participating will be given a piece of the cover, and a fun fact about the story to share. They will also ask me one question they’ve been wondering (or think the fans have been wondering) about Remembrance. The hop will start on October 17, and each day of the week a different blogger will feature their piece of the cover, their fun fact, and my response to their question. On Friday, October 21, hop on over to my blog to see the full image of the cover!

I can’t wait to share Vengeance with you all! Stay tuned for more info, like what blogs to visit during the week of October 17. For the meantime, find it here on Goodreads and add it to your to-read list!


Michelle Madow

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