Stephenie Meyer Signing at Books and Books in Miami!

Hi, everyone! So — yesterday I saw a post from Books & Books on Facebook announcing that Stephenie Meyer would be doing a signing at the store in Coral Gables. It was only about an hour away from me, so obviously I had to go!
The question I wondered most was: Would Stephenie remember me? You see, after I read Twilight in December 2005, I became extremely involved with online communities about the book. The coolest part was back then Stephenie was able to talk with her fans online! She replied to emails, responded to forum posts, and even joined chat rooms with us. There were a bunch of fans she really knew, and I was one of them. One time in the chat room she was even asking for name suggestions for Eclipse, so I asked her if she could use my name. Now if you turn to page 26, you can find my (first) name! I was one of the people killed in Seattle by the newborn vampires 🙂
Then in May 2006 I found out she would be at Book Expo America, so of course I had to go. That was the first time I met Stephenie, and the coolest part was that she knew who I was from online! 
I can’t believe it’s been almost seven years since then!
Anyway, Twilight inspired me to write for fun again. I started out writing fan fiction for the characters in Twilight. Eventually I realized that other people might be interested in reading my writing, so I decided to work on original stories. Now, seven years later, I have a book deal! Stephenie has been so inspiring for me, and I have no idea where I would be right now if it wasn’t for the Twilight series.
But of course I wondered … would she remember me? After all, she’s famous! 
When it was my turn at the signing table, I was so nervous. Here was what happened: 
Me: I’m not sure if you remember me, but my name is Michelle and I made Twilight icons and MySpace layouts way back in the day.
Stephenie: Of course I remember you! Your hair is lighter now.
Me: Standing there in shock because OMG STEPHENIE MEYER REMEMBERED WHO I AM.
In the 30 seconds I had at the signing table, I somehow managed to tell her all about how inspiring she has been to me, and about how I recently signed a book deal. She was so genuinely excited for me! So cool.
It’s amazing seeing the success that Stephenie has had in the past seven years. She has become a worldwide phenomenon, and I am so happy for her and how successful she is now. She is such a good person, and it’s so great to see that something so wonderful has happened to her. Love you, Stephenie! 
Here are some more pictures from the signing 🙂
Hanging out with Erica in line while we waited for the signing. We were both active Twilight Lexicon members WAY back in the day, so it was great to finally meet her in person! The best part = we both decided to write novels around the same time, just signed book deals, and have our debut traditional novels coming out in March 2014!
Me showing Stephenie the picture of us from 2006. She loved it! And yes, that is Remembrance in front of her. I totally gave her a copy 🙂
So happy because Stephenie remembered me!
My personalized, signed copy of the Host
Signed copy of Eclipse
Movie poster of the Host signed by Max Irons (Jared) and Jake Abel (Ian). It was so cool meeting them in person! They were the first movie stars I’ve ever met, and they were both super nice.
So, that’s the summary of my second meeting with Stephenie Meyer! It was such a great time. I’m looking forward to the Host coming out soon! 

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  1. I hope you get to see her! She's so nice. And on the car ride back, my mom and I were discussing the original fans I would always remember *if* I ever got super famous. (Haha it was sort of a joke conversation.) But you were one of the people I mentioned! 🙂

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