Vengeance Cover Reveal!

This has been an awesome week! The excitement for the Vengeance cover was beyond anything I expected, and I can’t thank you enough for your support. 
Since Remembrance released, the blogging community has shown so much enthusiasm for the book through reviews, interviews, giveaways, and even recommending it on Twitter. It’s way more than I expected, and I appreciate everything you all have done for me. But most of all, I’m grateful for all the new friends I’ve met through this experience, who love books just as much as I do. You all rock!
The positive comments I’ve seen about the cover of Remembrance have been wonderful as well. I design my own covers, and it’s awesome to see that you all like what I created! 🙂
One more thing before I reveal the cover. (I’m sure most of you have scrolled down to see it by this point, but I would still appreciate if you read this 🙂 Last week I learned how to make widgets, and I designed one for Remembrance and another as a countdown to Vengeance. I would love it if you displayed one or both of these on the sidebar of your blog to help spread word. I’m only one person trying to let the world know about the existence of my books, and if you choose to put a widget of mine on your sidebar, you’ll be making a difference in helping me out, and it would mean a lot to me. You can find the widgets on the right sidebar of my blog. I appreciate your support so much!
A special thanks goes out to Giselle from Xpresso Reads (who also designed the lovely banner for the Hop!), Melina from Reading Vacation, Emma from BelleBooks, and Tiffany from For Those About to Read for participating in the hop. And a special mention to my brother Steven, for dividing the cover into five pieces. You all have been awesome in your support for Remembrance, and the Vengeance Cover Reveal Hop never would have been as successful as it was without you. This has been so much fun!
Now, let’s recap! Here are the four fun facts you learned about Vengeance during the Cover Reveal Blog Hop:
1) Vengeance is told from Chelsea’s point of view.
2) The story starts at the last place the reader sees Chelsea in Remembrance—when Lizzie leaves her room after they talk about Drew.
3) Shannon plays a bigger part in the story—it turns out she has secrets of her own.
4) Chelsea will open her mind and start believing in things she would have never before thought possible.
Now (finally!) here’s the cover for Vengeance! I hope you like it!
It’s Chelsea in the mask she wore to the Halloween dance! She kind of looks like she’s up to something …
And one last thing! You know that MASSIVE giveaway I’ve been holding this week? The one with all of these prizes?
It will close at midnight, and I will announce the winner tomorrow. Good luck!
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21 Comments on “Vengeance Cover Reveal!

  1. OMG! I LOVE IT! I”M USING ALL CAPITALS TO GET MY POINT ACROSS… ok I'll stop. But seriously, awesome awesome amazing cover(s)! Can I have both masks? Really? Aww thanks, love this one the most I think 🙂 I can't wait to read it and I bet that this series is going to shoot through the roof in popularity! Well, I'm off to go add the pretty new cover widget to my blog… you've got amazing talent in creating covers and books Michelle!! <3

  2. This cover is only second to your first!!!! It is BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING, STUNNING!!!!!! You are so very talented and it is no wonder that you have gained popularity so quickly. Just so you know you deserve every minute of it and every person who is not here should be!!! I can't wait to get my hands on these books!! Thank you again for the wonderful and fun reveal.

  3. GREAT COVER! im loving how its from Chelsea's point of view, i was disappointed when i didn't get to find out what happend to chelsea but i didn't know there would be a sequel! now im excited for this!! 😀

    – juhina

  4. Oh wow! Vengence is beautiful though so is Remembrance. I love them masks you have the girls wear on the front covers of your books. 🙂 There so beautiful. Amazing prize pack btw. I bet you're stoked and feeling amazing 🙂

    Hope you haveafab day/night lol 🙂
    Thanks Kerry-Ann xxx

  5. I'm halfway through Rememberance and loving it. So good. 😀
    Vengeance looks awesome. love the covers, didn't know you self designed them – that is epic!

    I didn't know about the giveaway but I've entered now – that mask is gorgeous and would love signed copies. 😀

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