Weekly Weigh In (#1)

Hi, everyone! I tweeted and facebooked about this, but I decided to start blogging about it too. I started doing Weight Watchers about two weeks ago, because I want to lose 10 pounds by the summer. This summer is Book Expo America, and my best friend Tiffany is getting married, so I want to have the weight off by then.

As a disclaimer, I know I’m not overweight or fat by any means. However, when I went on book tour in the beginning of 2012, I gained 10 pounds from all the fast food I was eating on the road. I was eating a lot of KFC, pizza, meatball subs, and other fast food, along with tons of wings and beer. It was a challenge to eat healthy while driving across the country, especially since lots of times we would be in the middle of nowhere, having to get to the next hotel before we got too tired to drive, and the only places to eat were fast food places. So yeah, now I want to get back to 110 pounds, which is what I was before leaving on tour. I’ve been trying to lose the weight for the past year, but I’ve been unable to, mainly because I’ve been eating lots of burgers, pizza, wings, and drinking multiple days a week. (The drinking is at night though … haha I don’t drink while I’m working!)

Now it’s time for a positive change! Except … this week I gained 0.6 pounds and am at 121 pounds. Oops. I was good all week, BUT last Friday I went out partying with friends, and then went to iHop. At iHop I ate a grilled cheese and a half, a double cheeseburger with extra cheese, and french fries. After eating all that food, I plugged it into my Weight Watchers app and realized I had eaten 97 points in one day! (Points are the weight watchers way of calculating how much you eat.) I’m allowed 26 points a day, and 49 bonus points to spread across the week for emergencies. That put me in the NEGATIVE bonus points for the week. NOT GOOD. So this week was a diet fail. Check out the best proven pills reviews.

But now it’s a new week! I discovered a YouTube channel called The Style Diet that I find helpful. The girl who runs the channel, Anna, is very thin and blogs about what she eats. I am going to try to do what she does. Which means this week I’ll be eating:

Breakfast: Oatmeal made with fat-free milk, and a banana (4 weight watchers points)
Lunch: Low-carb wrap with tuna, light mayo, and veggies. (About 6 weight watchers points)
Dinner: Weight Watchers frozen dinner (6-8 weight watchers points) OR if I go out to eat, a Caesar salad with chicken or a lean meat or fish with veggies. Visit thehealthmania.com/ for more dietary supplement reviews.
For snacks: Bananas, apples, (fruits are all 0 points), 100 calorie popcorn (3 points), popped BBQ chips (2 points), or any other weight watcher snack.

Hopefully next week I’ll LOSE weight! Seeing how many points I ate at iHop was eye opening, and it even grossed me out to the point where I will definitely think twice before binging like that again.


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