Weekly Weigh In (2)

Today is Thursday, which is my day I go to Weight Watchers! Weekly Weigh In is a new feature I’m doing to keep track of my journey to lose the 10 pounds I gained while on book tour last year. I’m also trying to change my eating habits to eating healthier food, because I usually gravitate to foods that are covered in cheese, fried, or just generally unhealthy. 
This week I lost 3 pounds!!! 😀

Weight Last Week: 121 pounds
Weight This Week: 118 pounds
Weight Change: -3 
I worked hard this week to track my foods and make sure I was making healthier choices, so I’m glad it paid off. For the most part, I’ve been eating oatmeal in the morning with fat free milk, a tuna wrap for lunch (using a fat free wrap and light mayo), and trying to make healthier choices for dinner. With Weight Watchers you get 49 “bonus” points a week, and this week I used mine to splurge on Dominos Pizza. (And I still lost 3 pounds this week.) It was great because I was able to eat my guilty pleasure food (Dominos Pizza) while sticking to my diet.
Here are the pictures of my Weight Watchers tracker so you can see what I ate each day.
I went to a bar with friends that night (thus all the beer).
I was focused on editing that day so I forgot to eat lunch. Then I splurged on pizza …

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