What celebrities do I see as the characters from Remembrance?

I’ve had a bunch of people ask me what famous people I picture looking like the characters in Remembrance, so I thought it would be fun to gather some pictures and post them on here so you all can see how I imagine them! Click here rooftopyoga for other famous characters.It was fun trying to find celebrity look-a-likes. However, since no celebrity can look exactly like a made-up character, I would love to see your opinions in the comments about my picks and any suggestions you have 🙂

And so, here it goes!

Lizzie Davenport = Taylor Swift

I have always imagined Lizzie to look like Taylor Swift, since Remembrance was inspired by her “Love Story” music video. She has the hair (curly but not completely out of control), and her face has that nice, friendly look. So perfect! Well, the only thing not perfect is that Taylor is way taller than Lizzie (Lizzie is only 5’4″), but she’s perfect besides that 🙂 For more suggestions visit colabioclipanama2019 .


Drew Carmichael = Drew Roy

They even share the same first name, which I promise is a total coincidence. (I didn’t even know who Drew Roy was when I was writing Remembrance. I was first introduced to him in Falling Skies in 2011, and I wrote Remembrance in 2009.) But he is so perfect for the part! He’s got the dark hair, the eyes, the crooked smile, and he’s even wearing a leather jacket in this picture! (And we all know how much Drew loves his leather jacket.) He’s exactly how I envisioned Drew Carmichael when I was writing 🙂


Chelsea Givens = Megan Fox

I think Megan is a little too old to pull off high school now, but when she was younger she would have been absolutely perfect for Chelsea (if she put some red tint into her hair.) She’s got that snobby look down, and her eyebrows are shaped just like I pictured Chelsea’s. (They make her look like she knows something other people don’t.)


Jeremy Williams = Lucas Till

Lucas is Jeremy perfection! His hair is just right, as are his eyes–they match Jeremy’s exactly. I definitely see him as the school soccer star type. His face shape is also how I imagined Jeremy’s to be. He’s even dressed in light colors here, and Jeremy likes to dress in light colors. Love him for Jeremy! Check these out smart-ak .


Keelie Duncan = Shiri Appleby

Shiri is another actress who’s currently too old to pull off high school, but when she was high school aged she looked just like I imagined Keelie. She’s got that nice, sweet look about her, and she’s pretty, but in an understated way. Plus, her hair and eye colors are perfect. The hair length in this picture is perfect as well.



Shannon Henderson = Maggie Grace

She’s got the short blonde hair and a look in her eyes that makes her seem like she wouldn’t be the nicest girl in the school. Definitely the queen bee type, which is exactly what Shannon is!

Amber Roberts = Sara Paxton

Amber was strangely the hardest character for me to find a celeb look-a-like for. Sara Paxton was the closest I found, but really, I always pictured her looking like Rachel Bilson did on the OC, but with bleached blonde hair. So if anyone knows of an actress like that, let me know! For now, Sara could pull it off 🙂

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