What to write after finishing your first novel

Anonymous asked: 

I just finished a novel and am in the process of querying agents. The novel is part of a trilogy. Should I go on to write the second book in the trilogy, or start on a new project altogether? 

I highly recommend starting on a different project while querying agents. It might be fun for you to continue with the second book in the trilogy, but if your first book doesn’t get picked up by an agent and editor then there’s no chance of your second book getting picked up (obviously). So you just spent months writing a novel that has zero chance of selling by itself instead of moving ahead in your career. Instead, research the industry, figure out which idea of yours is most original compared to what’s already out there, and write that book. Hopefully your first book will get picked up in the process 🙂

Simple answer: It’s in your best interest to start working on something new. And good luck finding an agent to represent your novel!

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