What’s on my bookshelf?!

So I was reading in my room and looked at my bookshelf, and thought to myself, “Hey, I’ll take a picture of this and talk about everything on it in my blog!” Fun, right? I know it is 😉

Please keep in mind, this is the bookshelf in my room. I thought it would be more interesting cause it has some personal stuff on it that displays my personality, too. My book collection has also taken over my brother’s bookshelf. And some of my mom’s bookshelf. And the bookshelf in the closet beneath the stairs. And let’s not get started on the books I had to put in storage when I moved from Baltimore to Florida ….

Now, here is the lovely picture of my bookshelf!

And here is what it all means, going from left to right:
Bottom left: Star Wars Millenium Falcon Guide! This was a present I got a few months ago. It talks all about the design of the Millenium Falcon! For a Star Wars lover like me, this is very, very cool.
Top left: My unicorn, pegasus, faerie, and Buddha! My cousin got me the sparkly unicorn after I saw one she had and commented about how much I loved it. The pegasus I got for myself, because I love pegasus’s. (Pegasi? How is that pluralized?) The faerie I got in Spain; I saw it at a store and thought it was beautiful and decided to buy it. And the Buddha is a present from my friend Tiffany that she got me when she went to China last year 🙂
Top middle: Gods and Heroes pop-up book! I got this at BEA last year (2010), and it’s by Matthew Reinhart. It covers different mythologies, and it the most intricate pop-up book I’ve seen in my life! 
Witch & Wizard candle. This was something else I got at BEA last year! They were handed out to everyone waiting in line for the James Patterson Witch & Wizard signing 🙂
Top right: Medieval Times cup! I got this when I went to Medieval Times in Orlando! In case you don’t know what Medieval Times is, it’s this place where they reenact Medieval jousting and fighting, and you watch the tournament while eating Medieval food (Mediaval style, meaning with no silverware!) It’s a really cool experience and you should go if they have one near you. I sort of sound like a commercial now, so I’ll continue …
Have faith in yourself and in the future. This is the quote on a card my dad sent me last year. Not only do I love the quote, but my dad wrote me all about how proud he is of how I’m going for my dreams of becoming an author, and how proud of me he is for signing with a literary agent. (He sent the card right after I signed with Christine 🙂 So I keep it on display and read it every so often, because it makes me happy to read it 🙂
Twilight Journals! My friend Amy gave these to me for my birthday last year, and not only are they pretty, but I love journaling, so I keep them on my bookshelf 🙂
Lastly there are all of my books! Some of my favorites on this shelf are The Vampire Academy series, Delirium, Before I Fall, Evernight, Firelight, Lost Hero, Wings. A lot of these are books I haven’t read yet, because once I read a book I move it to my “read” bookshelves. I also got a Kindle in December and read a lot of my books on there now, too. 
You can find a list of more books I like on my GoodReads page 🙂
Hope you enjoyed! 

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