Why I cleaned up my Twitter following list

Hi, everyone! So I recently unfollowed a lot of people on Twitter, and thought you all deserved to know why I did this.
I’ve been following back everyone who follows me, to the point where I was following almost 3,000 people. However, because of that, I’ve been unable to use my Twitter the way I should. I haven’t looked at my Twitter stream in months because it was overcrowded. I didn’t know most of the people I followed, and I couldn’t find the people I actually knew. 
This didn’t seem fair. Yes, it’s cool to be able to follow everyone back, but what’s the point if it ended up stopping me from using Twitter altogether? That doesn’t seem fair to anyone.  
I end up following people I talk to though, so if you reply to my tweets and we talk I’ll probably end up following you! I hope you can all understand, and please don’t take it personally. I just wanted to make Twitter an enjoyable experience for me again, like it was when I first joined.
Thanks for understanding <3

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