Remembrance Cover Contest – Primary Voting

I got 22 entries for the Remembrance cover contest! Thank you everyone who entered 🙂

The winner of this contest will receive a Remembrance prize pack.

I was originally going to pick my top favorite entries as finalists. However, that seems like way too big of a decision for one person to do! So now I’m asking for your help.
Go to the Remembrance Facebook Page and “Like” your favorite entries! The entries with the most Likes will then go onto the finals. Voting for the finals will take place on my blog on December 11. You have until then to Like your favorite entries.
Also, make sure to tag yourself in your entry so your friends know to vote for you!
Thanks for voting!
Michelle Madow

*Disclaimer: This contest is for fun; the cover of Remembrance will not be changing.

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