Remembrance Trailer Contest Voting

Thank you everyone who entered the Remembrance trailer contest! I received eight amazing fan-created trailers, and now it’s up to you all to vote on which trailer you think should be the “Unofficial Remembrance Trailer!”
The winner will receive a Remembrance prize pack that consists of a signed copy of Remembrance, a mask that ressembles the one on the cover of Remembrance, three signed Remembrance bookmarks, and two Remembrance stickers. Their trailer will also be named the “Unofficial Remembrance Trailer,” and it will be featured on my YouTube, blog, and other websites.
Make sure to watch all the trailers before voting!
View trailers 1-7 on the Remembrance Trailer Playlist on my YouTube.

View trailer 8 on FlixTime.
Voting will close on December 10, 2011.

Please only vote once!

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