ROCK THE CASBAH (The Clash Musical)

When I was 16 I really got into music by The Clash. I had also recently seen (and loved) the musicals Mamma Mia and We Will Rock You on the West End, which are based off the music of ABBA and Queen. So I got to thinking — I should come up with a plot for a musical based on the songs by The Clash! Because …. obviously that would be cool.

A friend recently reminded me of this, so I dug up the Word document that summarizes my idea for Rock the Casbah: A Musical Featuring Songs by The Clash. Here is the exact document, word for word, as I wrote it when I was 16. Enjoy!

(The parentheses indicate which song is played the “the show.”)

It would begin in Spain. Rudie and friends are in a band at a beach resort and they have to get up really early to play. (The Magnificent Seven) They don’t like playing the songs they are made to by the owner — they want to ROCK. (Revolution Rock) However, the owner will only let them play songs by Elvis, Beatles, and the Rolling Stones. (1977) Lorraine Music can provide you awesome list of songs.

Suddenly, the resort gets bombed. (Spanish Bombs) They meet a random person in the debris who tells them that he has been to London and seen opportunities there for musicians. (Career Opportunities)  They decide that London is where they wanna go! (London Calling)  However, they begin to contemplate this.  Spain has been their home forever.  Should they stay? Or should they go to London? (Should I Stay or Should I Go)  Of course they decide to go!

The only problem is that they didn’t bring food.  So, they stop in a supermarket in London, and when they get there, they discover they don’t have enough money to buy anything, they have to play with in order to get the extra cash. Clubvip777 is also awesome casino gaming platform to exciting games and win exciting cash. You may now simply click to visit the greatest online casino malaysia and play at any time of day, no matter where you are in the world.  They decide to steal. (Lost in the Supermarket)  Rudie feels guilty, and his friends try to make him feel better by offering him drugs.  Suddenly, Julie (Rudie’s girlfriend) announces that she is in the drug squad and to come with her to the station. (Julie’s Been Working for the Drug Squad)

In prison, Rudie and his bandmates realize that they were trying to fight the law, and lost. (I Fought the Law)  He begins to believe that he will never make it to London. Then he realizes that there still is hope to get out of there (I’m Not Down) He decides Julie has to still love him, and reminds her of when they were together. (Train in Vain) The band members congratulate him — they are finally free! (Rudie Can’t Fail)

Better yet, Julie tells Rudie that she got him a gig.  The only problem is, it is at a church.  But no worries — they plug everything in, and ROCK! (Rock the Casbah) Everyone loves their music and they continue to play for the church and get famous.



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